Sanda Jo Spiegel, LCSW


License 27213


My name is Sanda Jo Spiegel. My goal as a therapist is to help you deal with the symptoms of anxiety, stress or depression that interfere with the ability to live your life to the fullest. I come to the practice of therapy with a wide range of personal and professional life experience. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a PhD in Anthropology I have training in two different disciplines that seek to understand human emotions, feelings and behaviors in the whole context of people’s lives. I have worked with a variety of different populations including the elderly, individuals with severe mental illness, chronically ill, and the homeless as well as with people dealing with the stresses of everyday life. I have also experienced many of the issues that I work with in practice, so that I have an understanding of the problems that people face in their lives from the inside as well as from the point of the outside observer/therapist. In my practice I offer support and strategies to deal with the following areas of concern: anxiety, depression, stress and related issues, chronic illness management, life transitions and women’s concerns.

I offer a variety of cognitive, behavioral and insight oriented approaches based on the needs and wishes of the individual client. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, and Journal Therapy among others. I am also a trained WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) facilitator. Above all else, my emphasis is on establishing a therapeutic relationship with my clients. One of the core components of my practice is a focus on mindfulness and using mindfulness strategies as a way of handling anxiety, depression and other serious issues. This goes hand in hand with an emphasis on wellness and self care. Self-care is a necessary part of our lives if we are to remain emotionally and physically healthy.

Mindfulness involves focusing the attention on the thoughts, feelings and emotions, as they exist in the present moment. It involves suspending judgment about these thoughts and feelings, but acknowledging them and letting them go. In mindfulness we treat ourselves with compassion and acceptance. Breath work and meditation are core strategies used to develop mindfulness.