Sanda Jo Spiegel, LCSW


License 27213


Anxiety:  Anxiety is worry about the future.  This is a normal part of life. However, when the anxiety becomes too much a focus of our thoughts it can have negative consequences on our lives, affecting sleep and the ability to engage in daily activities. It can also lead to substance abuse.

Depression: When you are depressed, you feel sad all or part of every day. You might sleep too much or not enough. You might have thoughts of hopelessness, worthlessness and/ or that your family would be better off without you. Activities that you formerly found pleasurable no longer are. You might find that you have very little energy for regular activities.

Stress: Stress is tension associated with specific situations such as a job or managing multiple responsibilities. It can be confused with anxiety and if it is chronic can lead to anxiety and/or depression.

Chronic Illness: Chronic illness has been defined as any illness lasting more than a few months. When someone suffers from a chronic illness, either physical or mental, it can have a tremendous impact on every aspect of a person’s life, from personal relationships, to work and financial responsibilities.

Life Transitions: People occupy different roles throughout their lives. Each change results in new responsibilities or the shedding of old ones. These changes can be challenging in many ways, especially when they happen abruptly through sudden illness or the death of a loved one.

Women’s Concerns: Women face special concerns in dealing with the complexities of their lives. They are more likely to be caregivers and to be responsible for juggling multiple responsibilities for family and work.